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For visitors to the Allan W. Eckert web site:

Greetings. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions you would like to address to me personally, whether about my books or about these web site pages, I will endeavor to answer every e-mail post just as quickly as possible, but please have patience. The volume of mail received is considerable and often I am deeply engrossed in my own research and writing, so there may be a delay. Research trips sometimes require my being away from home for weeks, even months, so this may well be the reason if you do not receive a reply in a reasonable time.

And please, no requests for genealogical assistance. Since allowing people the freedom to contact me if they wish, I have been absolutely swamped with requests from those interested in establishing family trees or just further information on an ancestor of many generations past. Sorry, but I simply do not have the resources for trying to answer such requests and my own research and writing does not allow me to spare the luxury of time for such pursuits.

I also do request that those who write to me include their full name and address. I do not like to receive letters in which the writer does not identify himself at all or who only signs a first name.

So, then, for those who want to write to me, the e-mail address is:

Many thanks for your interest... and best regards.