Fig Cattery

Norwegian Forest Cats since 1987

We are Nancy and Allan W. Eckert and our cats are registered and shown in the Cat Fanciers Association, Inc. (CFA). We are members of the Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Council. Fig Cattery works with trusted breeder-friends and appreciates other catteries.

We're sometimes asked about "Fig." The name Fig is a double pun based on Norse and Sanskrit mythology, its meaning indicative of exactly what a cattery IS.


GC, BW, RW Fig Toggle

In early Spring of 1987, my husband saw a tiny photo in an advertisement for Norwegian Forest Cats in the Breeder Directory of Cat Fancy. He admired that cat. I had been looking for three retired adult show cats, but agreed that if he like Forest Cats, that was perfectly all right with me.

Immediately, we bought two litter-brothers from Wegiekatt, then located near Chicago. We signed a contract agreeing to show them in three shows, these kitten that were were bought as PETS: That was some 500 shows ago (see GC Wegiekatt Boggle of Fig in the Gallery).

Because we work at home, our cats get a lot of attention and we get a lot of pleasure despite all the work of cleaning up after the little darlings. Except for queens with litters and the three studs, everyone is free to roam. While that sounds good, we have tossed out most of the furniture. After thirteen years of cats at liberty, it was way past time. The only off-limits room is the office, where we eventually learned that marking territory on office machinery is just not the thing.

All our cats come from distinguished ancestry and are carefully bred for show with a firm grip on health. Of course, pets are sold for temperament and we stand behind every kitten that leaves this house. We never sell casually and prospective buyers need not feel insulted when questioned and very carefully. Kittens and cats are helpless to fend for themselves, after all.


Contact us by email at or 937-592-9967.
We are located 55 miles northwest of Columbus, Ohio.

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